What to Look for When Buying Flameless Candles

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Flameless candles are becoming a popular choice among families with children and pets. It is a safer, mess-free alternative to the traditional candle, with environmentally benefits. The number of home fires due to candles has been on the rise, which is why most safety organizations are beginning to support the use of LED products. Incidents of candle fires especially increase during holidays, specifically Christmas and New Year’s. People may leave unattended candles in high-traffic areas with children, or around furniture and decorations that may catch fire. Buying flameless candles eliminates the risk of an open flame causing a fire. A flameless candle looks and feels like a real candle, but is lit by an LED bulb and operated by batteries. Here are some things to look for when you go buy a quality flameless candle.
  • Material- Check the quality of the material used in the flameless candle. Is the wax real? Does it have a realistic wick? Today’s innovative flameless candles are made of real wax and have a realistic wick. In addition, the wick is for decorative purposes only and cannot be lit. However, these features give the flameless candle a more realistic traditional look and feel, which is important because they candles will look real when they are on and off.
  • Glow and flicker – Does the flameless candle have a realistic glow and flicker? Flameless candles have come a long way from when the LED gave off a steady bright light. A quality flameless candle will have a soft, flickering glow much like a traditional wick candle.
  • Battery run time – How long do the batteries in the flameless candle last? Look for a flameless candle that can give a long run time, giving you more value for your money. A good flameless candle can give you up to 3,000 hours of light! Just change the batteries in the candle when needed.
  • Additional features – Some quality flameless candles have features such as being remote controlled or programmable. The candle can be turned on or off with a touch of a button and can be programmed based on a schedule. You can set the candle to stay on for anywhere from 1 to 23 hours. So, after those long family dinners during the holidays, you don’t need to worry about manually switching off each candle – just program them to turn off and you can get to bed that much faster!
A high quality, innovative flameless candle is a better alternative to a traditional wick candle. With technological advancements today, flameless candles not only look and feel like a traditional candle but also have great features, like programmable timers, remote controls,  and long battery run time. It is also a safer and more eco-friendly option than a traditional candle. With no open flame and melting wax, you can have the peace of mind that the candle cannot burn a loved one or cause a fire. Buy flameless candles to set the ambiance for your next special occasion.
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